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“The days are long and the years are short.”

I remember someone explaining parenthood in this way. Although I just became a mother in 2015, I honestly can’t believe how quickly time passes. I remember the newborn phase so well… my daughter resting in my arms and life felt so quiet and content. Now I’m going through the toddler phase, and I know that in the blink of an eye, she’ll be heading off to college and walking down the aisle… and yes, I may be tearing up as I type this out!

In the middle of the craziness that parenthood can have, there is beauty and joy in it all! I don’t just like to take family photos that can end up on Pinterest – I look for the small moments, like the two second cuddle you have with your child before he takes off running or the smile he gets when you say the two magic words – “ice cream!”

Time moves quickly and it’s why I’m passionate about preserving the simple, everyday moments that often go unnoticed in your life.

Cami is a FANTASTIC photographer. Not only are her pictures incredible in quality and aesthetic, but she is efficient. She is extremely confident and creates a comfortable environment for her clients. I would highly recommend choosing her as a photographer.
— Yazz & Soren
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